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Prejudice And Discrimination On Same Sex Marriage Essay

Legal but still not acceptable: Prejudice and discrimination on same sex marriage. Prejudice which means prejudgement where it displays attitude towards a social group (Hogg Vaughan, 2011). This is a huge social issue within society has faced as it leads to many consequences that can end in violence. Homosexuality is an example of sexual minors facing prejudice from other social groups. There have been a number of prejudice and discrimination towards the gay community since the 1980’s where sexual behaviour between the same genders was not considered normal (Hogg Vaughan, 2011). The influence of Christianity encouraged the prosecution of homosexuals which become labelled as a mental illness and considered an act that should be punishable. However, through protesting and fight for equality and gay rights gay marriage became legal in many parts of the world. Taking into consideration the legalisation of gay marriage, there is a continuation of discrimination against the gay community. Despite the legalisation of the gay marriage law being approved by the Supreme Court on June 26th. A gay couple is still facing discrimination after being refused a marriage licence from a 49 year old US Christian county clerk. Her strong religious principles has provoked her from allowing a homosexual couple to get married that she rather be in jail then approve of the marriage licence. Old fashioned prejudice displays clear expressions of negative attitudes and dislike towards gays andShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On Sociological Factors On Clients1666 Words   |  7 Pagespolicy and its failure to support all minorities, specifically same-sex couples King (cited in Australian Marriage Equality, 2015) stated â€Å"When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut off a segment of my freedom†. This quote from Martin Luther King Jr is as applicable today to legalising same-sex marriage as it was to the civil rights movement and inter-racial marriage over half a century ago. Marriage is a right that most Australians take for granted. StudiesRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal922 Words   |  4 Pages Gay marriage is between partners of the same sex. Gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. For the past thousand years, marriage has been known to be the social union between a man and a women. In most cultures around the world, homosexuality was seen as wrong, and marriages between same-sex couples was forbidden. The Gays Rights Movement has existed for over 89 years in counting since the development of the Society for Human Rights in Chicago. The publicRead MoreEssay on Homosexual Rights and Equality1242 Words   |  5 Pages This discrimination against gay and lesbian couples must be confronted so that those who are trustworthy citizens have the same rights as heterosexual citizens. In this paper, I will argue that homosexual individuals should have equal rights as heterosexuals because (1) hate crimes against homosexuals continues to occur, (2) the discrimination in the workplace is on the rise continues, and (3) the inability to have same-sex marriages is unfair. I believe that this unfair discrimination is unconstitutionalRead MoreThe Stonewall Riots And The Lgbt Community1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe LGBTQ community has struggled for decades to receive equal treatment but despite many advancements, this group of people is still not treated justly. The prevalent discrimination a nd prejudice enacted against the LGBTQ community can be witnessed on accounts of the Stonewall Riots and laws that affect the community such as not allowing gay men to donate blood, sexual orientation in connection to the military, et cetera. The gay rights movement has united to eradicate these issues through supportRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal930 Words   |  4 Pages2014 Gallup poll shows that support for same sex marriage in the U.S. has hit an all-time high of 55%. Whether or not Gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry has been a hot topic of debate over the past few years. Although support for the right of same sex marriage has gained massive amounts of attention from the media in resent months, not all are in favor of the almost undeniable and unavoidable changes to the laws restricting these types of marriages. Every person has the right to loveRead MoreEssay on Sexual Orientation Discrimination Prejudice in the Workplace1103 Words   |  5 PagesOrient ation Discrimination Prejudice in the Workplace. Sexual orientation is â€Å"the clear, persistent desire of a person for affiliation with one sex rather than the other†, otherwise known as sexual preference. ( Prejudice against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals (otherwise known as LGBT people) remain widespread in American society. LGBT people have always been a target for discrimination. Like other forms of prejudice, this discrimination is basedRead MoreThe Legalizaiton of Gay Marriage Essay1163 Words   |  5 Pagesguarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue that leaves our society searching for answers. Now that the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal, we will observe the impact upon parents, children, same sex couples, families, and the social and political world. The arguments surrounding the issue though confrontational nonetheless are easily seen from a wide array of perspectives. One of the perspectives states that marriage is a promiseRead MoreLiberty And Justice For All1054 Words   |  5 PagesThis includes the right of Marriage. Who defines marriage? Recently, many lower courts say there is no legal evidence as to why homosexuals should not be allowed to marry. These lower courts realize the American principle of human rights. These laws and beliefs appear to be prejudice in the most direct way, rather than an undeniable reason of denying people their civil rights. Countries throughout the developed world have extended equal rights of marriage to same-sex couples. The first countryRead MoreGay Marriage Exploratory1196 Words   |  5 PagesExploratory Paper: Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal? The proposed legalization of same-sex marriage is one of the most significant issues in contemporary American family law. As a heavily campaigned development currently discussed in law assessment; these extremely confrontational and debatable political questions are facing present day American courts. If same-sex marriage is legalized, its affect on the parents, children, same sex couples, families, and the social and political world willRead MoreSame Sex Attracted Are More Vulnerable From A Mental Illness1462 Words   |  6 PagesThe issue that will be investigated is ‘Those Who Are Same Sex Attracted Are More Likely to Suffer from a Mental Illness’. When comparing homosexual and bisexual people to heterosexuals, the homosexual and bisexuals are twice as likely to experience anxiety and are three times as likely to experience depression and related disorders. Previous studies and statistics will provide evidence that will support the statement being investigated. Ca mpaigns will be illustrating how organisations are trying

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