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Project Analysis Cloud Architectures - 1298 Words

Paper Title: Cloud Architectures Reviewer Name: Sultan Aldakheel Content Review: Jinesh Varia Problems addressed by the Paper Varia research attempts to give a description of an exemplar of an application, which is presently in production utilizing the on-demand components that Amazon Web Services offer. The author wished to find out if the application could enable a developer to match patterns through many web documents. In this regard, the researcher found it useful in bringing up on- demand millions of virtual servers. Further, Varia wanted to find out the best practices, which could be used on each of the web services provided by Amazon. The result would shed light in to whether the services could create an application that could be scaled using industrial strength. Main Contribution The paper is not an introduction of a new process, but an evaluation of an existing technology (cloud architecture), although with recommendations for the best practices in order to achieve maximum benefits. It can be termed a new analysis of an application, which is presently in production utilizing the on-demand components that Amazon Web Services offer. Cloud architectures denote designs that involve software applications for demand services that are only accessed through the Internet. The author gives examples of where such as applied; for instance, when processing a request from a user wherein the prerequisite resources on-demand e.g., computer servers does the work andShow MoreRelatedThe Cloud Computing Technology Is An Architecture Based On Saas And Paas Over Internet1112 Words   |  5 Pages According to Duncan, â€Å"Architecture Dr. Schadt† is a founding member of â€Å"Sage Bionetworks†. This is helped in initiative design to support or b uild the database (Duncan, 2009). In today’s world organizations looking forward to have more powerful computing to successfully achieve their projects or goals. â€Å"As the case of extreme scientists† states cloud computing, as professor â€Å"Varma† says, the usage of cloud computing been highly impacting in organizational growth, based on software as a serviceRead MoreArchitecture Project Justification Example800 Words   |  4 PagesProject Justification Our current time entry system will no longer be scalable; projections are to grow its user base by tenfold from 100 users to 1000. The upcoming construction of Manhole offices in Chicago IL, Denver CO and Dallas TX will require a more suitable approach in providing a time entry system that is accessible outside of its current headquarters office in Lincoln NE. The time entry system must be scalable, reliable and fully secure. The project also seeks to reduce cost by allowingRead MoreBusiness Architectural Proposal Essay examples863 Words   |  4 PagesSmart Thermostat Business Architecture Proposal Capella University Introduction Products for smart homes will start to see a big growth in the upcoming years thanks in part to the progression of the mobile network infrastructure. Newly developed applications cloud services are setting the stage for a more sophisticated home monitoring service. Because of opportunities like this, is the reason why a proposal for a business architecture supporting Smart Homes, Inc is being submitted. The mainRead MoreApplication Of A Distributed Agricultural Sensor Network1396 Words   |  6 Pagesthat go into that production. One possible solution is the collection and analysis of environmental data. IoT sensor networks can cheaply provide distributed data that can be used to improve plant health, increase harvest yields, and decrease waste. The primary focus of this project will be to prototype a distributed agricultural sensor network that will be able to monitor the environment, network and analyze the data on the cloud, and finally provide feedback to the environment. I. INTRODUCTION TRead MoreMemory Database And Cloud Computing1341 Words   |  6 PagesConsider In-memory Databases and Cloud Computing In-Memory Database / Cloud Computing Approach The industrial use of databases is advancing to the point where modern and fast solutions are required in most industries. Plattner (2011) states that Sub-second response time and real-time analytics are key requirements for applications that allow natural human computer interactions. We envision users of enterprise applications to interact with their software tools in such a natural way, just like anyRead MoreJob Description Essay755 Words   |  4 PagesHRMT 70002 Job Position (Specialist Type): On-line/Cloud Project Coordinator Quantity: 1 Estimated Start Date: Immediately Employment Type: Full Time Reports to: Raja Ramanathan Issue Date: November 14 2017 Closing Deadline: 12:00 noon (local Toronto time) November 30th, 2017 1.0 Summary Coordinate activities related Technical Business SMEs in the development and implementation of SharePoint Office365 with MS Azure in the Cloud Project: - Assist in a Pilot to determine feasibility withRead MoreApplication For Approval Of Research Activity1506 Words   |  7 Pages0223951712 1.5 Supervisor (if applicable) Prof. Alison Clear 1.6 Project Title Green Cloud Computing 1.7 Project Start Date and Duration 21st March 2016, 15 Weeks 2. Research Outline 2.1 Aims/objectives/hypotheses of project (describe in plain language, free from jargon) The aim of this research is to study the contributions of green cloud computing in reducing the wastage of energy and the operational cost in datacentres hosting cloud services and thereby acquiring the environmental sustainabilityRead MoreProject Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception Essay1192 Words   |  5 PagesProject Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception Our Internet based company with the gross revenues of more than $35 million dollars per year. We are planning to merge with multinational company of equal size. Our company currently uses operational systems and relational databases but desire to expand into data warehousing. We will be integrating different technologies from different solution providers and incorporate industry best practices in connection with the development of technological systemRead MoreAssignment 11247 Words   |  5 Pagesof Infrastructure Services, I am viewing my current legacy constraints as new business opportunities. In February 2017, I directed an Independent Assessment and Infrastructure Roadmap (IAIR) project to evaluate the offices current-state infrastructure services capability, compared to the NIST framework for Cloud Service Provider (CSP) businesses. By viewing our internal offerings as a competitive CSP business and adopting the framework, I will be able to provide value to our consumers, aid the transformationRead MoreThe Development And Support Of Apache Hadoop1684 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom batch through interactive to real-time - all supported with solutions for governance, integration, security and operations. †¢ Completely Open: HDP is the only completely open Hadoop data platform available. All solutions in HDP are developed as projects through the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). There are NO proprietary extensions or add-ons required. †¢ Fundamentally Versatile: At its heart HDP offers linear scale storage and compute across a wide range of access methods from batch to interactive

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