Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example As revealed, Bill Gates’ philanthropic thrusts extends to his applying concepts of CSR in his organizations; including the establishment of Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation. On the contrary, Steve Jobs’ main thrust was focused on coming up with innovative ideas on Apple’s products and little emphasis in applying CSR was exemplified. The differences in ideals and philosophies on CSR as exhibited by Apple and Microsoft actually revealed inconsistent conclusions with that advocated by the concept. It was revealed from the concepts presented in class about CSR that the benefits of organizations for investing in CSR include: customer loyalty, workforce satisfaction, community support, and exhibiting a better corporate image. From the experiences of both Apple and Microsoft, it was confusing to realize that despite Microsoft’s application of CSR, the organization was surpassed by Apple (the organization that has not invested in CSR) in term of leadership, popularity, and financial returns. In analyzing the comparative thrusts of each organization regarding investing in CSR, one actually expected that the organization that aptly invested in CSR should exhibit greater popularity and financial returns. However, from the experience and from the information revealed in the video, the opposite effect was noted. It was therefore concluded that comparing one to the other in terms of their investment in CSR could be insufficient to validate that this factor alone was contributory to the financial success of Apple. From the perspectives of the owners, it determining factor was that the investment and application of CSR had been instrumental to the feeling of fulfillment that Bill and Melinda Gates have experienced. Their main thrust for Microsoft was not merely to generate financial returns, nor to project a positive corporate image. For Bill and Melinda Gates, the self-actualization

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